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In the years 2010, Central Vietnam still remained sparsely populated and weak in the industrial sector. For businesses, corporations, and factories, seeking professional strategic partners within the neighboring region posed a significant challenge. However, driven by the aspiration for national and regional development, along with accumulated experience from working with major corporations, Tesfa Company was established in 2017, Our objective is to meet the supply needs of large corporations and businesses within the region.

With over 6 years of operation, we have successfully built an extensive network of offices spanning across 3 regions. Currently, we take pride in our dedicated team of 25 personnel who possess unwavering passion. Additionally, we have established collaborative relationships with over 150 clients throughout the region.

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Tesfa is committed not only to ensuring product and service quality but also providing professional consultancy through our team of employees. We pledge lifelong commitment to our clients, always placing responsibility and service at the forefront of our operations.


Mission & Vision

Throughout its journey of establishment and growth, TESFA defines and upholds the following core values:
- Gratitude and Sharing
- Responsibility
- Sustainable Development
- Integrity
Each individual within the organization is expected to learn, embody, and cultivate these four core values, as they form the foundation for the company's growth and corporate culture at TESFA

TESFA strives to become the leading industrial product supplier in Vietnam by 2027. As a foundation for researching and developing new products, we aim to achieve international quality standards and supply them to both domestic and international markets. We contribute to the development of a prosperous and renowned Vietnam.

On the journey to realize our company's vision, we focus on training and developing capabilities to build a team of experienced and professional individuals for TESFA. This not only brings pride to Vietnam but also ensures that our domestic and international partners work with a highly skilled engineering team, possessing extensive expertise and enthusiasm for their work


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Nguyen Quang Vu


An automation engineer with 5 years of experience in maintenance management for an automotive assembly plant

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Tran Quoc Tuan


Having 5+ years of experience in managing production at the paint shop of Tanchong Automotive Manufacturing Plant